FAQs About Emergency Dental Services And Veneers

13 June 2023
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What do emergency dental services, cosmetic dentistry treatments, and veneers have in common? If you have an emergency, such as a sports injury or other similar type of damage, take a look at what you need to know about the cosmetic options and dental veneers available to you.

Why Might You Need To Visit An Emergency Dentist?

Emergency visits are exactly as the name implies. These visits are not regularly scheduled cleanings or exams. Instead, an emergency service is an after-normal-business-hours appointment (or a same-day visit immediately after an injury/incident, depending on the dental practice's policies and availability) to treat unexpected dental damage or pain. Patients often require emergency visits after an injury, if a restoration breaks or falls out, or if they have severe unexplained tooth, gum, or mouth pain.

Why Might You Need Dental Veneers?

This popular type of dental restoration covers the natural tooth and creates a smooth, bright white, even finish. You might need this cosmetic option if you have significant tooth decay, a chip, a crack, a gap, or an uneven smile. The porcelain or tooth-colored composite material looks and feels like a real tooth. Instead of taking the place of the entire tooth, the dentist will place the restoration on the front of it. This creates a new surface and a new smile.

How Are Veneers Emergency Restorations?

This type of restoration isn't always an emergency service. The porcelain or composite material is a cosmetic dentistry care service that patients may choose well in advance of a procedure appointment. Again, this type of restoration can correct gaps, unevenness, and similar non-emergency aesthetic issues. But it can also cover injury-related damage.

If you have a sports injury or are in another type of accident, the dentist may recommend a veneer to cover chips and cracks. This emergency service restores the tooth, providing a cosmetic fix that makes fillings or other options unnecessary in the future.

What Does The Placement Procedure Involve?

This dental restoration isn't a simple peel-and-stick placement service. Even though the porcelain or composite material will sit on the surface, the dentist must prepare the tooth first by removing some of the dental enamel (the outer hard, white layer of the tooth).

The dentist will then take an impression of the tooth. This is used to create a custom veneer. You will need a temporary restoration while you wait for the custom product. When the custom restoration is ready, you will need to return to the dentist's office for a placement appointment.

For more information, reach out to cosmetic dentistry care clinics near you.