Want To Recover Fast After Dental Implant Surgery? Consider These Tips

12 April 2023
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An implant dentistry procedure will be successful if performed by a seasoned oral surgeon. However, what you do after the treatment can affect recovery. Therefore, be cautious of the steps you take toward healing after a dental implant surgery.

So, what are the dos and don'ts to ensure your implant heals appropriately? Read on to learn more.

Do Not Smoke

Smoking cigarettes will stain your teeth and affect the implant healing process. The habit impacts the immune system and restricts oxygen and blood flow to your tissues. Smoking also increases the probability of having post-surgery complications.

To heal fast, you should not smoke before and after surgery. Seek help from a professional or friend, or try simple remedies like taking a stroll when you get nicotine cravings.

Don't Do Vigorous Exercise

Although exercise offers numerous benefits to the body, you'll need to rest after surgery. The dental experts may recommend waiting several days before you work out again. Then, you can resume slowly with low-impact workouts.

Any strenuous activity like exercise can slow recovery and increases complication risks. Also, you shouldn't be involved in any heavy lifting or household chores for about a week or so.

But don't just lie in bed all day — you can walk a little to stretch the muscles and promote healing.

Use Warm Water to Clean the Mouth

If you want the dental implant to heal quickly, you must eliminate harmful bacteria that may affect the surgical site. One reliable option is to rinse the mouth with a warm salt solution several times daily. Other than removing bacteria, the salt will accelerate the healing procedure.

Drink More Water

After the surgery, you should stay hydrated so the body can remove toxins easily. The more toxins you retain, the more challenging it will be for the implant site to heal. So, stay hydrated even when you don't feel like drinking water.

Proper hydration can also help you stay energized, so drink more water instead of taking other beverages.

Do not be tempted to take alcoholic drinks during recovery because this will interfere with the recovery. It is better to let the implant area heal before you take alcohol.

Any minor mistake during the implant recovery process can force the oral surgeon to repeat the procedure, and this can cause complications. So, remember the mentioned tips to ensure you recover quickly after dental implant surgery. Also, adhere to the oral hygiene instructions the dental expert will give you after surgery.