How To Speed Up Root Canal Recovery

2 December 2022
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Most people are afraid to undergo a root canal procedure. The name might sound scary, but the procedure is pretty straightforward. Amazingly, a root canal is painless, and you should be okay in a few weeks. Besides, there are several ways you can speed up your recovery journey. Keep reading to find out.

Get Enough Rest

As is the case with other invasive procedures, your body needs enough rest to recover. The same case applies to root canal patients. You should rest for a few days to help your tooth and gum recover. So, get a few days off to get enough time to relax. Get enough sleep or watch movies until the pain or sensitivity wears off. 

Avoid Strenuous Activities

You must avoid strenuous activities as much as the procedure was done in the mouth. Don't be tempted to get on with your normal routine. You shouldn't do it even if it means taking a break from your exercise routine. This will help you avoid accidents and overworking your body at the wrong time. Remember that the body needs to focus all its energy on recovery.

Pay Attention

Paying attention to how you feel could also help speed up your recovery process. So, if you feel something is off with your mouth, don't ignore it. Of course, you'll experience swelling or pain after the procedure, but all that should subside after a few days. If things don't improve, you should see your dentist and describe how you feel.

Avoid Things That May Cause Inflammation

You should also be cautious about the products or foods you consume after a root canal procedure. Remember that your gum and tooth might be swollen, and you wouldn't want to worsen the situation. You must avoid drinking alcohol, hot drinks, smoking, or drinking with straws. You might also want to avoid food that can get lodged between your teeth until you heal.

Use a Cold Compress or Eat Ice Cream

As mentioned earlier, your gums will be susceptible to inflammation after the root canal procedure. So, how do you keep the inflammation down? Well, you'll need to eat some ice cream. But if you don't like ice cream, you can also use a cold compress to reduce inflammation and pain.

If you follow all these tips, you'll heal quickly and resume your everyday life. But if you feel that recovery is slow, you should visit the dentist for advice or further treatment.

For more information on root canals, contact a dentist in your area.