Why Professional Dental Care And Good Oral Hygiene Are Essential For Baby Teeth

22 July 2021
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Not all parents of young children understand how important professional dental care is for primary teeth. The same is true for oral hygiene at home to keep teeth and gum tissue healthy. Cavities can be uncomfortable, and the problem worsens if the decay spreads. Inadequate care for baby teeth can have negative effects on the permanent teeth as well. 

About Family Dentists

Family dentists provide care to patients of any age. This includes routine checkups and professional teeth cleaning, cosmetic work, and necessary treatments like cavity filling. When primary teeth fall out, this is to be expected unless they are becoming loose too early because of decay.

Age Considerations

Dentists encourage parents to bring their youngsters to the clinic soon after the first tooth appears. Parents might assume it's OK to wait until the child has all or most of their primary teeth. This is typically around two or three years of age.

However, by that time, some cavities might have already developed. In addition, bringing the child in at a young age creates an early realization that the clinic is a safe place. There shouldn't be any anxiety later on because the child has been seeing a family dentist since he or she was a baby. 

Oral Hygiene

The dentist will notice signs of inadequate oral hygiene early, which will help parents make adjustments. Mothers and fathers must do the brushing until the youngster has mastered the fine motor skills required for this task. Using fluoride paste is recommended since the substance provides substantial protection for the enamel.

Daily flossing is also essential. Floss holders are available so children can use this device instead of trying to maneuver a piece of loose string. 

Snacking and Beverages

A family dentist may suspect that frequent problems with decay are connected with snacking and beverage drinking behavior. This is a common issue, especially as children get a bit older and are able to grab their own favorites. Routinely munching on sugary foods and drinking sugared beverages can be harmful to teeth. 


Some children are more vulnerable than others to cavities even when guidelines are being followed. A family dentist may recommend the application of sealants to the top of the back teeth. Those teeth are more difficult to reach and the grooves are harder to keep totally clean. 

In Conclusion

By establishing a good oral hygiene routine early, boys and girls are more likely to maintain the habit throughout their lives. With early visits to a dental practice, they also understand the importance of regular professional dental care and will continue this activity as well.