Why You Might Benefit From a Full Mouth Reconstruction

28 April 2021
 Categories: Dentist, Blog


There is a range of different dental procedures that you can undertake to correct issues with your teeth. From fillings and crowns all the way through to teeth implants and dentures. However, one procedure you could consider is full mouth reconstruction.

If you have started hearing your dentist mention this as a possibility then you might be quite nervous about it, considering it sounds quite intense. While it certainly is a quite thorough procedure, a full mouth reconstruction is very safe and can totally revolutionize the way your mouth feels and functions for the foreseeable future.

Undergo Accident Rehabilitation

One of the most common reasons for younger people to get a full mouth reconstruction is due to an accident of some kind, whether that be sporting or automotive or whatever else. If a lot of your teeth and dental structure are damaged, a full mouth reconstruction can help make everything neater and more joined than individually replacing teeth with different techniques for each one. A full mouth reconstruction is more efficient and provides a more long-lasting result that feels a lot better in your mouth, especially as the years go on and you forget it ever happened.

Correct Serious Genetic Flaws

Sometimes braces and minor surgeries are not enough to get that perfect smile that you are after and it takes a little bit more help. A full mouth reconstruction is often used by people with serious genetic flaws and poor dental growth to make them feel better and more comfortable in their own skin. You never know just how much your teeth affect your confidence until you get them fixed, and getting it done all together in one operation means that you don't have to keep suffering for years as you change small things, one at a time. If your kid or you yourself struggle with poor dental formations, it might be a good idea to talk to a dentist about this.

Address Eating and Speaking Problems

If you have already had quite a few operations and procedures applied to your teeth but you still struggle to eat, drink and talk normally then your dentist may start to consider the possibility of a full mouth reconstruction to help you feel normal. The benefits of being able to comfortably eat and talk should not be undervalued when they are used every day of your life. The sooner you fix this, the quicker you can go back to enjoying tastsy meals and feeling good about social events and talking to your friends and family as well as coworkers.