3 Signs You Might Need Dental Implants

16 March 2021
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If you consider your smile one of the best accessories, you know how much a missing or damaged tooth could lower your self-confidence. Apart from what people can see, it might also affect how you talk and chew. To regain your oral health and confidence, you should consider dental implant surgery.

Liaising with your dentist is a wise way to escape the pain, discomfort, and psychological impact of the dental problem. But when is a dental implant necessary? Here are signs you may be eligible for a dental implant.

1. If You Have a Severely Damaged or Missing Tooth

Dentists can employ some techniques to restore broken teeth, but those techniques don't always work. If, after evaluation, your dentist realizes you need dental implant surgery, then go for it. It will offer you the security and comfort that comes with well-fitted teeth.

The implant and crown are durable and natural-looking because they are usually made of titanium and ceramic. As such, you can talk and eat comfortably without the fear of cracking or people noticing you have artificial teeth.

2. If You Have Slackly Fitted Dentures 

If you have dentures that do not fit properly, they may keep falling off as you eat or talk, which can be very disappointing. You also need to remove them for cleaning, which can be a lot of work.

In such a case, dental implants would be a better option. You would never worry about them loosening or embarrassing you when they fall off as you speak in public.

3. If You Exhibit a Sign of Infection 

You could have an infected tooth because of injuries, periodontal issues, or poor oral health practices. If the infection keeps worsening, you may benefit from dental implants after extracting the infected tooth. However, your dentist has to evaluate you to confirm that they cannot save the tooth from the infection. Remember to engage a reputable dentist dedicated to protecting your dental and oral health.

In this case, a dental implant will save you from pain and bar the infection from spreading to your other teeth. Untreated oral conditions are dangerous to your overall health. Apart from causing tooth loss, they could also spread to your other body parts, triggering additional health issues.

After a dental implant, you will feel great and whole. The teeth will function like a natural tooth, making you look, feel, and operate as you do with your other healthy teeth. Choose a reliable dental implant surgeon for quality services.

If you have additional questions about dental implants, contact a local dentist.