New To Owning A Water Flosser? Know The Right Way To Use It

21 September 2020
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Have you decided to get a water flosser as a way to fight off gum disease and clean between your teeth better? If so, you need to know how to use this oral health tool, or else you won't be using it as effectively as you can. Here are some tips for using a water flosser. 

Use Warm Water

You'll start the process by filling the water reservoir up with water. It is always a good idea to use warm water for the comfort of your teeth and gums. This is especially true if your teeth are sensitive to hot or cold water, since getting a nice middle ground will make it more comfortable to use the water flosser. 

Select The Right Kind Of Tip 

There are several types of tips that you can use in order to get your teeth clean with the water flosser. If you have braces, use an orthodontic tip that will make it easier to get the plaque out from between the metal brackets. It has a unique shape to the head that curves so you can shoot the water in a straight line to get under brackets. 

There are also tips that have agitating bristles on them, which are great at removing plaque or getting around the edges of a dental implant or crown. If you have issues with gum disease, there are tips that are designed to shoot water into the pockets of the gums to get them clean. When in doubt, use a basic jet tip that will be sure to do a great job.

Know The Right Technique

Using a high water pressure with your water flosser is not always better. It is best to start at a low water pressure setting and work your way up to higher pressure settings if it is comfortable. Position yourself over a sink, put the water flosser into your mouth, and turn the water flosser on. Water will drip out of your mouth as you use the water flosser.

You'll want to aim the tip of the water flosser into the gum line at a 90-degree angle. Start at the back of your mouth on the rear side of your teeth, which will push the majority of the plaque out of your mouth. Go around your mouth, then move to the front side of your teeth. Make sure to pause after each tooth to get the water between the teeth.

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