The Steps Of A Comprehensive Dental Examination

7 August 2020
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If it has been years since your last dental examination, you might have some fears about returning for a visit. Many people push off their dental visits for years out of fear, but you should try to overcome this. Avoiding the dentist can leave your mouth at risk for oral issues that you can prevent and avoid by going for a checkup. If you are ready to face your fears, here are the steps you should expect to occur during a comprehensive dental examination.

You Will Get Comfortable in a Dental Chair

When you arrive for your visit, they will take you to a private room and ask you to get comfortable in the chair. During this time, you will meet the hygienist and dentist, and they will explain what will occur during the visit.

They Will Take X-Rays

One of the first steps of a routine dental checkup is x-rays. They often take these first to allow for time to develop the pictures as the dentist will want to see these while you are there. Getting x-rays does not hurt, but it might be slightly uncomfortable.

They Will Clean Your Teeth

Next, the dental hygienist will clean your teeth. This process consists of several steps, including scraping the plaque off your teeth and polishing your teeth with a special tool. When they finish the process, they might floss your teeth and provide a fluoride treatment for them.

The Dentist Will Examine Your Teeth

The dentist will then come into the room to look inside your mouth. He or she might use dental tools to do this, and the purpose is to see if there are any visible issues with your teeth or mouth. The dentist might also feel your neck during this time and look at your x-rays.

They May Measure Your Gum Lines

The last thing they might do is measure your gum lines. Measuring a person's gum lines helps the dentist determine if a person has gum disease. This test does not hurt, but it might take a few minutes. The dentist can reveal the results of the test during it or afterward.

If the dentist finds any problems, they will talk to you about them and schedule a visit to fix them. Are you ready to face your fears and meet with a dentist for the first time in years? If so, you can schedule an appointment and know precisely what to expect when you get there. Look for a dentist in your area.