3 Options For Whiter Teeth

3 August 2020
 Categories: Dentist, Blog


If you've never been a fan of the color of your teeth, you've likely looked into ways that you can change the color a few shades whiter. Here are some options for white teeth that you should know about.

Whitening Strips

The most accessible option for teeth whitening is to use home whitening strips. These can be purchased at your local pharmacy, and they contain a peroxide solution that you apply to your teeth by using a strip that touches the surface. What makes this form of teeth whitening accessible to the average person is that anyone can buy a whitening strip kit and do it on their own, which is due to the low levels of peroxide used on the strips. It makes it safe for people to use use since they cannot whiten their teeth too much using the treatment process.

The main problem with home whitening strips is that they can cause irritation to the gums is you are not careful with how you apply the strips. They are only supposed to be applied to the surface of your teeth, but many people accidentally have the strips touch the gums. Sometimes people use the strips incorrectly and allow the peroxide to stay on the teeth for too long and get into the gums. 

Laser Whitening

The laser whitening process is done in a dental office and can provide instant results for white teeth. It works by cleaning the teeth first so that all plaque and tartar are off the surface. Then the dentist will cover your gums with a protective barrier to prevent them from being damaged during the whitening process. This barrier looks like a liquid gel that can be molded to cover the exact shape of your gums, providing a more accurate whitening result with less irritation. 

A special gel is applied to the teeth, and then it is activated with a laser. The dentist will clean off the gel and verify how many shades whiter the teeth have changed. If it is not the desired result, the process is repeated again.


Another option is to completely cover the front surface of the teeth with dental veneers. This is a viable option when whitening will not work for you, since your teeth may be discolored on the inside of the tooth and not easily changed by changing the color of the enamel. Veneers will not only change the color of the teeth but also help fix other cosmetic problems as well.