When Should Your Kids Go To The Family Dental Clinic?

20 July 2020
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Your kids should see the dentist regularly enough that cavities and other oral health issues can be detected as soon as possible. Most dentists will recommend that children see their family dental practitioner twice a year. When should your kids go to the dentist? To help remind you and keep you on schedule, use this guide to assist you in scheduling dental appointments.

When their first tooth comes in

Your children should see a dentist within a relatively short time after their first tooth comes in. Depending on whether or not there are complications with an erupting tooth, such as a tooth that won't fully erupt, gum soreness and bleeding, or a tooth that comes in crooked or backward, a family dental practitioner may recommend your child come in right away when their tooth comes in or have them wait a few months as more teeth emerge.

When they complain of dental pain

When your children complain of mild to moderate tooth pain, refuse to eat on one side of their mouth, have sore or bleeding gums, bad breath in addition to sensitive teeth, or you can actively see a chipped tooth or an emerging cavity, it's time to take your children to the dentist. Even if they have an appointment set up in the near future for a cleaning, if your children are clearly uncomfortable, have them see their family dental specialist.

When they have something strange happen in their mouth

When your children have a sore on their tongue they cannot explain, a tooth grows in up toward the gums, your children have what look like a fused tooth, or other dental anomalies occur, it's best to have these things checked out by a family dental specialist. Even if there is no pain involved and your children don't appear to be bothered by their condition, write down when the strange occurrence was first noticed, any changes you've seen, and if any other kids are experiencing the same thing. These tidbits of information can be helpful to the dentist, who may want to do X rays to see what's going on in addition to doing regular oral exams.

If you're in doubt as to whether your children need to see the dentist or their oral health issues can wait, call a family dental clinic, such as Today's Dental Care, and ask to speak to a hygienist or dentist. You can get some information over the phone to help you decide if you need to set up an appointment for your children or if their condition can wait until their next scheduled checkup.