How Can You Ensure Dental Implant Success?

6 April 2020
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Dental implants have a fairly high success rate. Complications have been reduced as much as possible over the years, and most people state that they are quite happy with their artificial teeth. If you are looking for an implant, then you should know that much of this success does depend on the things that you do after the implant operation is completed. Keep reading to learn about some of the most important things you should be doing if you want to ensure implant success.

Adherence To An Oral Hygiene Regimen

Most people will follow their dentist's instructions when it comes to dental implant aftercare. However, care must be completed well after the initial healing period is over. You need to adhere to a daily care regimen that involves attention to cleanliness around the implant. This helps to prevent gum pockets from forming. These pockets are small cavities that provide a space for bacteria to gather. The microorganisms will then slip under the gums and sit close to the bone. Bacterial activity will cause erosion of the bone, resulting in a loss of bone density. 

As bone wears away, the dental implant can loosen. Lose implants cause pain, and sometimes there will be enough space around the implant device that bacteria activity infects the bone. The infection, called osteomyelitis, is serious and often results in the need for surgical intervention.

So, you want to make sure that you clean around your implant twice a day. The tools you need for this include a soft or electric-powered toothbrush, a water flosser, and mouthwash. The gums should be inspected for redness daily. If you see any irritation, contact your dentist as soon a possible. This way, developing gingivitis can be addressed right away. 

Eating Healthy Foods

One of the benefits of receiving an implant tooth is the fact that the root device places constant pressure on the jaw bone. This helps old bone to break away and new cells to develop. The process occurs across the entire body to keep your bones strong and healthy. This is referred to as remodeling, and many nutrients are needed to ensure that this occurs in an equal manner where new bone develops as rapidly as old cells are broken down. 

Make sure that your diet is a healthy one. There are many essential nutrients that are required to ensure bone growth. Calcium, protein, vitamin D, vitamin C, and magnesium are some of the most important ones. Eat foods with these nutrients on a daily basis. 

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