Tips For Healing And Pain Relief After Dental Implant Installation

19 August 2015
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If you are concerned about pain or healing after dental implant installation, then you are not alone. This is a common fear for cosmetic dentistry patients. However, by following these tips you can ensure that you have a pain-free healing experience: 

Tip: Use Ice Packs Regularly for the First Few Days

If you are worried about pain, swelling or bruising from your dental implant installation, then you can use an ice pack during the first few days following your procedure. The ice will help to reduce any swelling and bruising. Also, the ice will help to numb the area and provide you with some additional pain relief when necessary.

You can use a blue ice pack or a bag of frozen vegetables will also work well. Break apart the vegetables by dropping the bag onto your kitchen counter a few times. This will make the ice pack better able to match your face's contour.

Tip: Stop Any Bleeding or Pain With a Tea Bag's Tannic Acid

The tannic acid in tea is a proven method of controlling dental pain and also helps to clot blood. If your new dental implant is bleeding or painful, you can brew a cup of tea and then use the tea bag directly on the area. The tannic acid will help with the pain and it will clot the blood to stop any bleeding you experience. You can obtain additional relief by drinking the warm tea and swishing it slowly around in your mouth before you swallow it.

Tip: Eat a Soft Food Diet to Allow Your Implants to Heal Properly

To allow your new dental implants to heal in their new location, you should stick to eating a soft food diet for a week or two after your procedure. Some good foods to eat post-procedure include:

  • eggs
  • fish
  • oatmeal
  • pasta
  • pudding
  • rice

In addition to eating soft foods, you should also make an attempt to chew foods on the opposite side of your mouth away from the location of your new implants. This may not be possible if you had dental work performed on both sides of your mouth, but it is always best to avoid chewing with new implants.     

Finally, you should also avoid eating any hard, sticky, or chewy foods in the first couple weeks following the installation of your new dental implants. These foods can pull the dental implant's anchor out of its place and will result in misalignment of the new teeth. For any further information or assistance, contact a local cosmetic dentist, such as one found through