3 Facts About Invisalign Treatment

30 December 2019
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Many adults have some reservations about seeking orthodontic treatment later in life. There can be stigma surrounding braces; some people assume they will be seen as juvenile or unprofessional while wearing metal braces typically associated with teenagers. If this describes you, Invisalign is an alternative treatment that can give you the same results as braces. When you're considering fixing your smile with clear aligners, here are three facts you should learn: Read More 

Why Proper Oral Care For The Elderly Is Important

27 November 2019
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Are you a senior citizen or the caretaker of a senior? If so, it is important to understand proper oral healthcare. Some individuals may assume that seniors do not have to go to dental appointments like their younger counterparts. However, seniors need to go to dental appointments too. There are many issues that can occur when a routine dental regimen is not followed. The following points will help you recognize some potential consequences of ignoring proper dental hygiene. Read More 

Your Dentist Can Whiten Your Teeth To Eliminate Smoking And Coffee Stains

15 March 2019
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If you smoke, drink a lot of coffee, or do both, then your teeth may have yellow or dark stains on them. Smoking can cause your teeth to develop a yellow color while coffee can slowly cause dark stains to develop, even if you brush your teeth regularly. Fortunately, these types of stains respond well to teeth whitening procedures. For the best results when you want to whiten your teeth, you should have a treatment from your dentist. Read More