How Dentists Help Those With Persistently Sensitive Teeth

28 May 2020
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Sensitive teeth can be painful when a person drinks or eats cold or hot items and may make it hard for people with sensitive teeth to have a healthy diet. Thankfully, a dentist can help manage persistently sensitive teeth to ensure that an individual is properly protected from the potential impact of this health problem.

Sensitive Teeth Can Be Unexpected

People can trigger sensitive teeth short-term, such as if they brush their teeth too hard and cause issues with their gums. And those with GERD may have sensitive teeth because the acid produced can wear down the teeth's enamel. However, some people may have more persistently sensitive teeth that occur because of damage to the teeth that must be properly assessed and treated to avoid any issues with a person's mouth.

For example, some people may damage their teeth by drinking acidic drinks likes soda, exposing themselves to a myriad of damage issues. In this situation, it is probably necessary to talk to a dentist about what is happening. Letting sensitive teeth degrade into a more serious problem is a sure-fire way of suffering real dental issues that may be hard to manage without the help of experts.

When to Visit a Dentist

Anybody who has persistently sensitive teeth may want to consider a visit to the dentist. These professionals can figure out why a person is suffering from this problem and take steps to address it. First of all, they typically start by gauging the origination of a person's sensitivity. For example, they may find worn-down enamel throughout a person's mouth that may trigger a widespread sensitivity problem.

After the dentist finds the problem, they will create a treatment plan that can help. Care such as filling in cavities in the enamel can help to decrease a person's occurrence of sensitive teeth in many ways. Other care options may also be necessary, such as washing out the mouth, checking for and treating receding gums, and providing in-depth care that manages sensitive teeth in a quick and effective fashion.

Just as importantly, a dentist can track the progression of diseases that may otherwise cause sensitivity in a person's mouth. For example, they can figure out why a person's teeth are consistently struggling with cold and hot temperatures and provide care options that can minimize their suffering as much as possible. This step also ensures that a person doesn't have to come back to the dentist multiple times for care. 

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