Accessories That Are Good To Have On-Hand While Using Invisalign

5 January 2022
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Invisalign is a system of clear, tray-like aligners that can straighten your teeth over time. These aligners tend to be more comfortable than metal braces, and they are certainly less obvious, visually. Using Invisalign is simple, but there are a few accessories you should have on hand to make things even easier on yourself. A Storage Container One of the nice things about Invisalign is the fact that you can remove the aligners when you eat and when you brush your teeth. Read More 

4 Fundamental Roles Of A Family Dentist In Society

19 November 2021
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Family dentists care for people of all ages, from infants to the elderly. They typically have a wide range of experience with various types of patients and oral health issues. A family dentist can provide different services, including preventive dental care such as cleanings and exams, restorative treatment such as braces, fillings, and crowns, and surgical procedures such as extractions and root canals. Here are the four leading roles of a family dentist in society: Read More 

Three Reasons Why Your Ragged Teeth Need Help

12 October 2021
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Many people overlook problems with their teeth that don't seem to be critical, even if they impact them cosmetically. If your teeth are rough or ragged around the edges, you should highly consider seeking help from a restorative dentist. The raggedness of your teeth could be impacting more than just your looks - it could also be harming the health of your teeth. Here's what you should know about the risks you're currently facing. Read More 

What to Know About Your Child’s First Pediatric Orthodontist Visit

30 August 2021
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When your child goes to the dentist, they may recommend orthodontic treatment to help keep your child's teeth healthy and free of decay. Some children will need orthodontic treatment to help correct their bite, straighten teeth, and correct other dental issues. You as the parent should know what to expect from your child's first orthodontic appointment so you and your child are fully prepared. Here are some things to expect: Read More 

Why Professional Dental Care And Good Oral Hygiene Are Essential For Baby Teeth

22 July 2021
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Not all parents of young children understand how important professional dental care is for primary teeth. The same is true for oral hygiene at home to keep teeth and gum tissue healthy. Cavities can be uncomfortable, and the problem worsens if the decay spreads. Inadequate care for baby teeth can have negative effects on the permanent teeth as well.  About Family Dentists Family dentists provide care to patients of any age. Read More